PNM Rate Increase

PNM has proposed a 16% rate increase on homeowner’s bills. That means, unless you go solar today, your bill is going only one direction. Up!

Get Your Solar Tax Credit

Purchase a solar array today to qualify for a 30% federal tax credit and 10% state tax credit. The credits are expected to go down after 2016.

$0 Down PPA’s

Lock in your energy rates for 25 years with no money out of pocket. Even better, your savings start on day one.

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Founded and operating in New Mexico since 1998, Affordable Solar has been the easy decision for over 2,000 solar system customers in the state, and has supplied more than 20,000 systems to commercial, utility, scientific, community, and residential customers.

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Break the Chain – A Manifesto for Everyone without Solar

Break the Chain – A Manifesto for Everyone without Solar image

Dear Solar Consumer, I was considering blogging about some factual details and arguments for the use of solar power; details about its benefits and economic advantages and why a typical New Mexico consumer, whether business or household, should invest in a solar generation solution. I could have written about the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit.  About how all of the “smart companies do it”.   I would…

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Solar and Fire Safety

Solar and Fire Safety image

Do I need to worry about them lighting on fire? This is one of the most common questions we get from customers who are preparing to install a solar array on their home or business, and there is definitely logic behind the query. After all, solar panels are electrical equipment, and all electrical equipment has some fire hazard associated with it. Also, anything sitting on top of the roof in a New Mexico summer…

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