PNM Rate Increase

PNM has proposed a 16% rate increase on homeowner’s bills. That means, unless you go solar today, your bill is going only one direction. Up!

Solar Fees in 2016

PNM is trying to impose a $30/month* fee on people who don’t go solar by the end of this year! Don’t wait to save.

Get Your Solar Tax Credit

Purchase a solar array today to qualify for a 30% federal tax credit and 10% state tax credit. The credits are expected to go down after 2016.

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Solar and Fire Safety

Solar and Fire Safety image

Do I need to worry about them lighting on fire? This is one of the most common questions we get from customers who are preparing to install a solar array on their home or business, and there is definitely logic behind the query. After all, solar panels are electrical equipment, and all electrical equipment has some fire hazard associated with it. Also, anything sitting on top of the roof in a New Mexico summer is bound …

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Solar Vineyard

Solar Vineyard image

One of my greatest passions is helping local businesses thrive in New Mexico. While there are challenges to operating in a small state like ours, I’ve often found solar solutions for small businesses that allow for lower operating costs, increased cash flow and a predictable ROI. One of my customers operates a vineyard here in Albuquerque. The hot summer months are watering season, which has historically resulted in excessively high electricity costs.

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The Triple Bottom Line for Business – People, Planet, Profit!

Key statistics from the U.S. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) now prove what we at Affordable Solar have known for some time: solar makes more sense than ever for your business! In the past few years, the 45% drop in costs for commercial solar installations has fueled an explosive interest in solar for businesses across the United States. Companies such as Ikea and Apple already justify solar to their shareholders as a great …

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