Posted: Dec 16


Position:         Electrician Helper

Supervisor:    Electrical Superintendent

Classification:   Full-time, hourly non-exempt


Summary Description:

Electrician Helper will provide support to the Lead Electrician, assist with overall crew & job site safety, participate in safety trainings. Assist with the installation of roof penetrations, racking, and panel attachments. Ensure that all necessary materials and tools are staged and arrive at the job site. Assist with site preparation and clean up. Maintain tool management standards. Assist with general ground support.


Key Accountabilities:


  • Provide support to the crew lead of the installation team
  • Ensure completion of installation of all solar arrays/systems
  • Ensure safe work practices
  • Pre-assembly of job components
  • Layout and assembly of solar modules array and mounting hardware
  • Electrical wiring of solar array and system (AC and DC)
  • Clean up of job site
  • Attend mandatory training sessions on installation methodology and safety

 Electrical Work

  • Assist Lead Electrician with superior quality PV installations
  • Make conduit and wiring runs
  • Assist with overall crew & job site safety
  • Maintain tool management standards
  • Assist with site preparation and cleanup
  • Assist with general ground support
  • Attend mandatory training sessions on installation methodology and safety

Team Work

  • Works collaboratively with Supervisors, Superintendents, Commercial Installation Manager
  • Works collaboratively with team of engineers, electricians and installers
  • Cooperates with sales staff



  1. Attends training and meetings
  2. Other duties as assigned


Require Skills and Abilities

  1. Experience with electrical wiring AC and DC systems
  2. Working knowledge of the NEC Code Book
  3. Experience with the safe use of hand-held and power tools
  4. Experience working with all types of building materials–stucco, wood, concrete, etc.
  5. Experience in roof work, general construction or carpentry
  6. Ability to work in extreme environments: cold, winter weather, hot sun, crawl spaces, etc.
  7. Must be able to life a minimum of 60 lbs.
  8. Must have clean driving record
  9. Must successfully pass a pre-employment background screen
  10. Positive attitude
  11. Accountable
  12. Able to work without supervision
  13. Not afraid of heights and able to climb on top of roofs
  14. Must be able to travel