Rapid Shutdown Requirement and Affordable’s Response

The New Mexico solar industry received a curious surprise this week at a meeting hosted by the Construction Industries Division (CID) Bureau Chief for the Electrical Division. At that meeting, the Bureau Chief announced that he would be directing CID to enforce a provision of the 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) that has been the subject of some controversy in other states. That provision is known as the “Rapid Shutdown” and is found at Section 690.12 of the code. In…

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PNM Filing for a Rate Hike

PNM Filing for a Rate Hike image

PNM plans to file for another rate hike by this December, according to a recent Albuquerque Journal report. The hike, if approved by the state Public Regulation Commission, will continue the trend of ever increasing PNM rates, and will likely mean higher bills for PNM’s customers. According to the article, “the utility expects to file a rate case with the state Public Regulation Commission by December, although it’s…

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