Learning the Basics

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So now we get to the point where I need to research some options. A simple Google search can set me in the right direction. But before I can research who can install solar on my home, I need to understand whatthey will be installing. Have you ever been overwhelmed with a quick web search? I typed “solar panels things to know” and I got an avalanche of information. Here is a quick  punch list I found in the search results: What you need to…

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Shade Before the Solar Solution

Shade Before the Solar Solution image

Albuquerque summers are the worst. Its true, to me at least. The three months from June to August are usually met with fear and loathing on my part. Even my barber worries about me, because my summer haircuts always include a cut that too short for someone with my ear size. Oh great now every summer I walk around with my ears trying to dissipate heat like elephants in the Sahara. Such is life as a Burqueno, summertime in the…

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