First Electricity Bill – Post Solar

First Electricity Bill – Post Solar image

The big decision to “Go Solar” is well intentioned and based on several well-planned measures, usually involving the ability to Go Green, save from rising electricity rates, and even enable greater energy consumption without the shame of over consumption. For my family, the greatest value of solar broke down into these tiers: Great investment for our home’s value Lower monthly electricity bills Free rein to use my A/C Cool “It Factor” of early solar adoption Insulation from rising electricity rates…

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Solar Installation Day

Solar Installation Day image

After all the planning is complete, the actual day of energy independence is finally on the horizon. Now we can finally get to the most exciting part, the time when our installation team comes to your home and installs a solar energy system on your roof! With solar system design approved, and all direct ownership payment plans finalized, its now time to look forward to the actual system installation. You may have seen our install trucks around town On your…

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