Going Solar: Commercial Edition

Going Solar: Commercial Edition image

The adoption of solar by homeowners in New Mexico has nearly tripled over the last three years, but the rate that commercial buildings are going solar has remained relatively low. PNM, the largest utility in New Mexico, interconnected 3,500 solar arrays in 2017. Only twenty-six of the solar arrays were for commercial customers, and Affordable Solar installed around half of those. Although there are fewer commercial properties than homes in New Mexico, the reasons for the difference in the rate…

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Affordable Solar wins 2017 Project of the Year

Affordable Solar wins 2017 Project of the Year image

This November, Affordable Solar was recognized by Solar Builder Magazine as the 2017 Project of the Year.  This featured recognition shines light on one of our favorite instillations to date at Roadrunner Food Bank.  To provide solar to a staple in the Albuquerque Community that has a mission that is near and dear to our hearts at Affordable Solar was an honor.  Our SmartStorage technology was installed in an effort to save this local non-profit $30K in utilities per year…

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Referral Award Program Update!

Referral Award Program Update! image

Have you ever wondered about a referral program for Affordable Solar? A great deal of customers send referrals our way, and its the perfect way for our strongest solar ambassadors to provide their personal experience with Affordable Solar to friends and family members. An extra perk about our referral program is that you dont have to be an Affordable Solar customer, you could simply be a solar advocate that is interested in steering people towards Affordable Solar! In the past,…

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Summer Solar Savings

Summer Solar Savings image

Summer’s sweltering heat is finally here, and its back with a vengeance. If you’re like me, you’ve been searching for relief by flipping on your air conditioner! Here is a fun breakdown of the top reasons to go solar this summer, all in time to beat the heat. Take a look, and as always, reah out to your freindly solar consultant for your free solar estimate!…

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Summertime Events

Summertime Events image

It’s finally summertime, the perfect season to spend time outside at many of the great events around the Duke City. As the weather heats up, and the days get longer, more events pop up around Albuquerque. This is a quick post to let you know where to find us over the next few weeks. As always, the goal is to meet and visit with as many people as possible, all to answer questions about going solar! We will be have…

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First Electricity Bill – Post Solar

First Electricity Bill – Post Solar image

The big decision to “Go Solar” is well intentioned and based on several well-planned measures, usually involving the ability to Go Green, save from rising electricity rates, and even enable greater energy consumption without the shame of over consumption. For my family, the greatest value of solar broke down into these tiers: Great investment for our home’s value Lower monthly electricity bills Free rein to use my A/C Cool “It Factor” of early solar adoption Insulation from rising electricity rates…

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Solar Installation Day

Solar Installation Day image

After all the planning is complete, the actual day of energy independence is finally on the horizon. Now we can finally get to the most exciting part, the time when our installation team comes to your home and installs a solar energy system on your roof! With solar system design approved, and all direct ownership payment plans finalized, its now time to look forward to the actual system installation. You may have seen our install trucks around town On your…

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Solar Job Growth in NM

Solar Job Growth in NM image

You may have seen the recent article from the Albuquerque Journal, titled Solar job growth exploding in NM. The article showcases the Solar Jobs Census 2016, which examines data compiled by the The Solar Foundation. New Mexico is the 23rd fastest growing state for solar jobs with 2,929 jobs and 54% solar job growth in 2016. About 60% of the solar jobs are located in Albuquerque, and about 45% of New Mexico’s solar workers are women. With all this…

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Simple Solar Ownership

Once your solar energy system design is approved, the actual scheduling date for your solar installation is on the horizon. But before solar excitement can take over your every thought and wrap you like a warm blanket, the issue of actually paying for your system needs to be addressed. Luckily for you, this is actually a pretty straightforward and simple process. You just need money! See, simple and straightforward. If only everything in life was so simple. In all seriousness,…

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Infographic – Sharing the Love

Infographic – Sharing the Love image

We have officially signed on the dotted line, becoming proud participants in sustainable energy. The system design has been approved, and our project manager is handling the various steps within the permitting process. As we await the actual solar installation date, we now have a ton of time to think about how our solar system will make life a little more comfortable. Once beginnning as green solar newbies, we’ve been able to figure out the basics and answer questions whenever…

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