Sol Systems Closes Financing for 940 kW Solar Project in New Mexico, Launches Financing Partnership with Affordable Solar

ALAMOGORDO, N.M., Feb. 25, 2014 /NEWS.GNOM.ES/ – Sol Systems is pleased to announce the financial closing of a 940 kilowatt (kW) solar energy system in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The project was the second deal that Sol Systems financed on behalf of New Mexico-based developer, Affordable Solar. Sol Systems also closed an 806 kW Affordable Solar project in the fall of 2013.  This recent project closing coincides with a…

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Solar Power Adds A Premium To A Home’s Resale Value by Nora Caley from Solar Industry Magazine

Solar Power Adds A Premium To A Home’s Resale Value by Nora Caley from Solar Industry Magazine image

Residential real estate professionals know that amenities such as a renovated kitchen or a new bathroom can increase the resale value of a home. New research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory indicates that a rooftop photovoltaic system can also increase the house’s price, and researchers were able to quantify how much of a premium solar can command. In December of last year, the Berkeley Lab released a report noting that although the installation of photovoltaic projects is increasing, appraisers…

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PNM RECs – Fading Fast

PNM RECs – Fading Fast image

There are many benefits associated with generating electricity from rooftop solar. There is the warm and fuzzy feeling associated with the knowledge that electricity is being generated by renewable sunlight and not fossil fuel. There is also the benefit of financial savings, knowing that once the system is paid for completely, that no longer will you have an electric bill to pay. And there is freedom associated with never being victim to uncontrollable rising rates of the monopoly-esque utility companies.

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Affordable Solar Smart House

Affordable Solar Smart House image

Changes are coming to the grid, slowly, but surely. Here in the United States, some utilities perceive increasing threats to revenue as well as technical and operational challenges as more homeowners install solar and other sources of renewable energy as their primary source of electricity. Since an electric grid works best when there is a balance of supply and demand, grid operators have to figure out how to make up for any shortfall or surge of renewable energy that could…

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Sierra Club statement on PRC’s Wednesday ruling on renewable energy

Santa Fe, NM – Solar energy and clean air got a reprieve Wednesday when the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission voted to withdraw 2-for-1 credit for solar energy, which had effectively reduced the amount of solar and overall renewable energy New Mexico utilities were required by law to produce. But Wednesday’s vote left some troubling aspects of the previous commission ruling. The commission majority had acted without public comment on Nov. 20 when it…

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Riding On Sunshine Electric Vehicles: How Does the Use of an Electric Vehicle Affect the Design of a Solar Array?

Riding On Sunshine Electric Vehicles: How Does the Use of an Electric Vehicle Affect the Design of a Solar Array? image

How do you size a solar array? We often receive a question from our customers about how to size a solar array, taking into consideration electricity loads that are not yet shown on their electric bill. For most retrofit solar projects, meaning projects for existing homes that have at least 12 months of electric usage history, the technical requirement for sizing a system is fairly simple.  We simply look at your electricity usage, something that can be easily obtained from…

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Recent Changes In The PRC Rules: How Will the PRC’s Decision Affect My Solar Project in New Mexico? (Part 2)

Part 2: Brass Tacks:  How the Recent PRC Ruling Will Affect Your New Mexico Solar Energy Project As we discussed in our previous blog posted here on Dec 5, the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission issued an Order on November 20, 2013, which changed Rule 572 as discussed in the previous blog. The question that often comes up is how this ruling might affect current owners of solar electric systems, as…

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Recent Changes in the PRC Rules: How Will the PRC’s Decision Affect My Solar Project in New Mexico?

We have received a fair number of questions from our customers and prospects about the recent ruling by the PRC that address certain aspects of its renewable energy regulations.  The PRC voted on November 20 of this year and published an Order on that same date.  We will lay out the regulatory framework of the ruling, as well as how it can be expected to affect solar projects in New…

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Reasons to Invest in Solar During Winter Months

Reasons to Invest in Solar During Winter Months image

Your air conditioner has been off for a few months.  Your utility bills have started to come down again from the summer highs.  So you’re not getting roasted with $200 electricity bills for the time being.   The weather report calls for snow and summer heat warnings are replaced with snow reports.   Solar may not be at the forefront of your mind.  But in actuality, this is a GREAT time to keep your solar project plans on track. Hard to fathom, but…

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Tax Advice from Solar Guys?

Every year, about this time of year, we get a lot of questions from our customers about the Tax Code as it pertains to renewable energy credits.  We also become aware in the course of dealing with those questions that there are many other installers in this market who make representations about the Tax Code that are simply incorrect and which could, if followed, expose New Mexicans to audits and unfavorable treatment by the tax authorities at…

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