Johnny Cash is our Hold Music

Johnny Cash is our Hold Music image

Since we launched our new Sun Saver program and advertising campaign, our phones are ringing off the hook. When our phone rings at the receptionist desk, the person on the other end is usually greeted by our friendly and charming Kelsey. But on the rare occasion that she has to place the call on hold, Johnny Cash is there to keep you company. Our hold music features such hits as “Cry, Cry, Cry”, “Ring of Fire”…

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us image

I was happily working at my computer this afternoon and I received a phone call from a former customer of Affordable Solar. His name is Bob Bradley, and the first thing he said to me when I answered the phone was “Rebecca, I’m a happy camper!”  Taken a little bit off guard by this greeting, I had to laugh.  Mr. Bradley proceeded to explain to me that he was a customer of ours over a year ago and that we…

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Sunsaver Versus Purchased Solar Panel Array

Sunsaver Versus Purchased Solar Panel Array image

Affordable Solar is the only installer in New Mexico that currently offers a third-party finance model for residential solar, sometimes also referred to as a “solar lease.”  Because this method of purchasing solar is not like a car lease or other transactions associated with the word “lease,” we simply call it our SunSaver program.  Whatever you call it, the mechanics are simple.  One of our solar consultants designs a solar panel array for your home based…

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International Indoor Soccer Arena Benefits from Solar Energy

International Indoor Soccer Arena Benefits from Solar Energy image

Albuquerque, NM – In business, overhead expense refers to an ongoing expense of operating a business.   Energy costs are a big component of overhead in many businesses.  The International Indoor Soccer Arena (IISA) located in Albuquerque, recently trimmed its overhead expenses by installing a 44.95kW-DC roof mounted solar PV system.   August marked the first full billing cycle of solar energy production since the system was turned on by PNM.  The result was that IISA went…

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Affordable Solar’s Exclusive Sun-Saver Program Dispelling The Myths That Our Competitors Have Been Promoting

Affordable Solar’s Exclusive Sun-Saver Program Dispelling The Myths That Our Competitors Have Been Promoting image

In the spring and summer of this year, Affordable Solar announced that it was offering its exclusive SunSaver third-party ownership solar program.  Shortly thereafter, Affordable Solar’s offering was covered by local media outlets, such as KOAT and the Albuquerque Journal. With all of this attention on new opportunities for thousands of New Mexicans to go solar with no money down, no money out-of-pocket, and instant savings on their utility bills, it is not surprising to…

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Is My Home Right for Solar?

Is My Home Right for Solar? image

At Affordable Solar we have a mission to provide clean, affordable, energy to any New Mexican who wants energy independence and whose property is suitable. We want to see solar panels on every rooftop, however, there are a few qualifications that need to exist in order for your home to become its own energy producing power plant. Home Solar Checklist 1. What is the condition of your roof? Is it free of leaks? How old is it? Some of our…

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How Much Does Solar Cost?

How Much Does Solar Cost? image

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Yes, it’s true, solar energy for your home will cost you absolutely nothing out of pocket. If you are like most New Mexicans, you already spend on average about $150 each month on your electric bill. Instead, you could skip writing that check and replace it with a lower monthly payment that covers your solar energy production. When that payment is added to any remaining electric bill (for those months that your…

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Affordable Solar Spotlight: Patrick Griebel

I have been very pleased to announce recently to friends and colleagues that I have been blessed with the opportunity to join Affordable Solar as the General Manager for Residential Solar. It is without a doubt a homecoming for me, both to the industry sector I love, but also a company I have been closely involved with for several years now and a team for which I have had the utmost respect. I am…

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Affordable Helps Deming Go Green and Save on Energy Costs

Affordable Helps Deming Go Green and Save on Energy Costs image

Affordable Solar recently completed three solar system installations for the city of Deming, New Mexico. The solar installations are now delivering electricity for the City’s Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Bilbo Well and Booster Stations – all parts of the City’s water system By utilizing a power purchase agreement (or “PPA”), the City of Deming did not have to fund the solar projects up front. Instead Deming agreed to buy 25 years of electricity from the systems at a locked-in…

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Solar Leases from Affordable Solar featured in Albuquerque Journal

New Mexico homeowners can now lease solar electric systems for 25 years with no upfront costs thanks to a new partnership between Albuquerque’s Affordable Solar Group and Texas-based solar leasing company Sunnova Energy Corp. – Albuquerque Journal The Albuquerque Journal recently featured an article on Affordable Solar’s new solar lease programs. The article highlights many of the cost-savings benefits of this new program – the first of its kind in New Mexico. Compared to the costs of…

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