How to Finance a Residential Solar Array

How to Finance a Residential Solar Array image

Solar Financing for Homeowners The perception of solar costs being prohibitively high lingers from the early days of the industry. In actuality, solar equipment has become more efficient and less expensive in the last decade, as it has been adopted by homes, business and utilities across the globe. In addition, solar financing has become readily available for homeowners. Financing Options Available in New Mexico The Sunny family lives in Albuquerque and is able to offset 100% of the electricity usage…

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How Can I Use the Federal Solar Tax Credit to Help Fund My New Solar Installation?

How Can I Use the Federal Solar Tax Credit to Help Fund My New Solar Installation? image

How do taxes fit into the solar conversation? Solar is an environmentally-friendly home improvement that can bring you tax benefits as well as save you money on your electricity costs. Currently, the federal government offers an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for putting solar on your home or business. The ITC provides a significant financial advantage for solar customers by allowing them to deduct 30% of the cost of their solar array from their federal taxes. How does the solar tax…

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Referral Award Program Update!

Referral Award Program Update! image

Have you ever wondered about a referral program for Affordable Solar? A great deal of customers send referrals our way, and its the perfect way for our strongest solar ambassadors to provide their personal experience with Affordable Solar to friends and family members. An extra perk about our referral program is that you dont have to be an Affordable Solar customer, you could simply be a solar advocate that is interested in steering people towards Affordable Solar! In the past,…

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Summer Solar Savings

Summer Solar Savings image

Summer’s sweltering heat is finally here, and its back with a vengeance. If you’re like me, you’ve been searching for relief by flipping on your air conditioner! Here is a fun breakdown of the top reasons to go solar this summer, all in time to beat the heat. Take a look, and as always, reah out to your freindly solar consultant for your free solar estimate!…

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First Electricity Bill – Post Solar

First Electricity Bill – Post Solar image

The big decision to “Go Solar” is well intentioned and based on several well-planned measures, usually involving the ability to Go Green, save from rising electricity rates, and even enable greater energy consumption without the shame of over consumption. For my family, the greatest value of solar broke down into these tiers: Great investment for our home’s value Lower monthly electricity bills Free rein to use my A/C Cool “It Factor” of early solar adoption Insulation from rising electricity rates…

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Solar Installation Day

Solar Installation Day image

After all the planning is complete, the actual day of energy independence is finally on the horizon. Now we can finally get to the most exciting part, the time when our installation team comes to your home and installs a solar energy system on your roof! With solar system design approved, and all direct ownership payment plans finalized, its now time to look forward to the actual system installation. You may have seen our install trucks around town On your…

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Simple Solar Ownership

Once your solar energy system design is approved, the actual scheduling date for your solar installation is on the horizon. But before solar excitement can take over your every thought and wrap you like a warm blanket, the issue of actually paying for your system needs to be addressed. Luckily for you, this is actually a pretty straightforward and simple process. You just need money! See, simple and straightforward. If only everything in life was so simple. In all seriousness,…

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Infographic – Sharing the Love

Infographic – Sharing the Love image

We have officially signed on the dotted line, becoming proud participants in sustainable energy. The system design has been approved, and our project manager is handling the various steps within the permitting process. As we await the actual solar installation date, we now have a ton of time to think about how our solar system will make life a little more comfortable. Once beginnning as green solar newbies, we’ve been able to figure out the basics and answer questions whenever…

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Next Steps – Comparing Apples to Apples

Next Steps – Comparing Apples to Apples image

By now, I’m positive that going solar is the single best investment to drive down the risk of increasing costs for energy, while also freeing up my money to be used and/or invested differently. My next move towards energy independence involves a few steps: Understand my yearly energy usage Define my budget for solar panel installation Determine how long I plan on staying in my current home Sign up for solar inquiries on a few websites Schedule an appointment to…

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Why It Works For Me

Why It Works For Me image

Now that I know the basics of solar energy and solar installations, it became time to narrow down my choices for solar system installation. Although my wife agreed to make this investment for our energy needs, we were drawn to the fact that it could positively affect the value of our home. We’ve only been in our home for 6 years, and currently pay a PMI of $200. There is a pretty good chance that we’ll be able to have…

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