How to Finance a Residential Solar Array

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Solar Financing for Homeowners The perception of solar costs being prohibitively high lingers from the early days of the industry. In actuality, solar equipment has become more efficient and less expensive in the last decade, as it has been adopted by homes, business and utilities across the globe. In addition, solar financing has become readily available for homeowners. Financing Options Available in New Mexico The Sunny family lives in Albuquerque and is able to offset 100% of the electricity usage…

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How Can I Use the Federal Solar Tax Credit to Help Fund My New Solar Installation?

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How do taxes fit into the solar conversation? Solar is an environmentally-friendly home improvement that can bring you tax benefits as well as save you money on your electricity costs. Currently, the federal government offers an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for putting solar on your home or business. The ITC provides a significant financial advantage for solar customers by allowing them to deduct 30% of the cost of their solar array from their federal taxes. How does the solar tax…

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Break the Chain – A Manifesto for Everyone without Solar

Break the Chain – A Manifesto for Everyone without Solar image

Dear Solar Consumer, I was considering blogging about some factual details and arguments for the use of solar power; details about its benefits and economic advantages and why a typical New Mexico consumer, whether business or household, should invest in a solar generation solution. I could have written about the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit.  About how all of the “smart companies do it”.   I would…

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PNM RECs – Fading Fast

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There are many benefits associated with generating electricity from rooftop solar. There is the warm and fuzzy feeling associated with the knowledge that electricity is being generated by renewable sunlight and not fossil fuel. There is also the benefit of financial savings, knowing that once the system is paid for completely, that no longer will you have an electric bill to pay. And there is freedom associated with never being victim to uncontrollable rising rates of the monopoly-esque utility companies.

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Recent Changes in the PRC Rules: How Will the PRC’s Decision Affect My Solar Project in New Mexico?

We have received a fair number of questions from our customers and prospects about the recent ruling by the PRC that address certain aspects of its renewable energy regulations.  The PRC voted on November 20 of this year and published an Order on that same date.  We will lay out the regulatory framework of the ruling, as well as how it can be expected to affect solar projects in New…

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