How Can I Use the Federal Solar Tax Credit to Help Fund My New Solar Installation?

How Can I Use the Federal Solar Tax Credit to Help Fund My New Solar Installation? image

How do taxes fit into the solar conversation? Solar is an environmentally-friendly home improvement that can bring you tax benefits as well as save you money on your electricity costs. Currently, the federal government offers an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for putting solar on your home or business. The ITC provides a significant financial advantage for solar customers by allowing them to deduct 30% of the cost of their solar array from their federal taxes. How does the solar tax…

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Referral Award Program Update!

Referral Award Program Update! image

Have you ever wondered about a referral program for Affordable Solar? A great deal of customers send referrals our way, and its the perfect way for our strongest solar ambassadors to provide their personal experience with Affordable Solar to friends and family members. An extra perk about our referral program is that you dont have to be an Affordable Solar customer, you could simply be a solar advocate that is interested in steering people towards Affordable Solar! In the past,…

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Summertime Events

Summertime Events image

It’s finally summertime, the perfect season to spend time outside at many of the great events around the Duke City. As the weather heats up, and the days get longer, more events pop up around Albuquerque. This is a quick post to let you know where to find us over the next few weeks. As always, the goal is to meet and visit with as many people as possible, all to answer questions about going solar! We will be have…

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Solar and Fire Safety

Solar and Fire Safety image

Do I need to worry about them lighting on fire? This is one of the most common questions we get from customers who are preparing to install a solar array on their home or business, and there is definitely logic behind the query. After all, solar panels are electrical equipment, and all electrical equipment has some fire hazard associated with it. Also, anything sitting on top of the roof in a New Mexico summer…

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Rapid Shutdown Requirement Suspended

The Technical Advisory Committee, which is a recommending body to the Electrical Bureau of the Construction Industries Division, just passed a motion to suspend the Rapid Shutdown requirement pending UL listing of an acceptable Rapid Shutdown assembly. They premised this on section 90.4, which invokes enforcement of the prior code (2011). PNM has indicated that they intend to follow CID’s lead on this decision and temporarily suspend any requirement to require plans to demonstrate rapid shutdown equipment. The Electrical…

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Rapid Shutdown Requirement and Affordable’s Response

The New Mexico solar industry received a curious surprise this week at a meeting hosted by the Construction Industries Division (CID) Bureau Chief for the Electrical Division. At that meeting, the Bureau Chief announced that he would be directing CID to enforce a provision of the 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) that has been the subject of some controversy in other states. That provision is known as the “Rapid Shutdown” and is found at Section 690.12 of the code. In…

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PNM Filing for a Rate Hike

PNM Filing for a Rate Hike image

PNM plans to file for another rate hike by this December, according to a recent Albuquerque Journal report. The hike, if approved by the state Public Regulation Commission, will continue the trend of ever increasing PNM rates, and will likely mean higher bills for PNM’s customers. According to the article, “the utility expects to file a rate case with the state Public Regulation Commission by December, although it’s…

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Tariffs, International Trade and What it Means for Solar

Tariffs, International Trade and What it Means for Solar image

This post is an update to a previous post on the topic: International Trade Spat Pushes Solar Prices Higher for New Mexicans If you are like most readers, the nuance of what goes on at the International Trade Commission is a great cure for insomnia. The prospect of such a boring read might, if uncontrolled, fill one with the urge to run across several lanes of interstate traffic. But don’t despair – we’ll make this easy. You can quickly decide…

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International Trade Spat Pushes Solar Prices Higher for New Mexicans

International Trade Spat Pushes Solar Prices Higher for New Mexicans image

A Decade of Declining Prices In less than a decade, the solar industry in New Mexico has experienced a broad transformation, due in large part to rapidly plummeting prices for solar panels and associated equipment.  Just a decade ago, solar PV was, for the vast majority of New Mexicans, an idealistic hobby that made no economic sense whatsoever.  An average residential solar installation (approximately 5 kW DC) would cost anyone in the…

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