As a commercial project developer and partner, Affordable Solar has expertise in all aspects of solar financing. Nationally, we have been awarded distributed generation, commercial, government and utility scale installations. This means Affordable Solar has been exposed to nearly every type and size of solar project possible.

Our expertise goes beyond turn-key solar systems, it extends to ensuring you are educated and easily able to navigate the available financing options and don’t leave ANY money on the table.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • We own the system, you get cheaper electricity. That’s it.
  • No capital costs; save capital for other business investments
  • Immediate savings & long-term price stability
  • All financing, installation & maintenance is covered
  • 20+ years of clean, less expensive power

Finance Lease

  • Flexible terms, no down payment required
  • 100% financing: installation, freight, sales tax are all included
  • Extends your credit line
  • Take advantage of tax credits and depreciation expense

Tax Exempt Lease

  • Low interest rate loan for government entities, non-profits and educational facilities
  • Ownership of system
  • Longer financing terms