System purchase is an attractive option for customers with an ability to utilize various Federal and State tax incentives. In lieu of quarterly estimated tax payments, some of our customers choose to instead provide equity into a solar energy system for their facility. Notable tax incentives possible for solar energy system include:

30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC): A dollar for dollar reduction in Federal tax liability based on 30% of the eligible basis for the solar energy system.

Accelerated Depreciation: General tax treatment for solar energy assets follows an accelerated depreciation schedule over 5 years. Access reduced tax liability through faster depreciation.

Our team will prepare a detailed analysis of your energy consumption, model various solar energy systems that are appropriately sized for your needs, and breakdown the energy savings and detail the tax effects of the solar investment. The equity invested in the solar energy system can return very attractive and above-market yields for the owner, often times providing post-tax compound rates of return over 10%.

Contact a professional commercial solar consultant at Affordable Solar today to learn more about the potential savings and tax benefits your business could capture, all while lowering energy costs and providing decades of predictable energy rates.