Is Your Home Right For Solar?

Answer a few quick questions to find out

Do you own your home?

Sorry, we can only put solar on a homeowner’s residence

Is your roof shaded or in need of repair?

We only install systems on sound structures and when we know they will perform well (shade is not a friend of solar electricity.) If you can cut back some trees or replace your roof then give us a call, we will be happy to help you generate solar electricity.

Is your electricity bill usually over $75/month?

We still might be able to make solar work for your home but the higher your electricity bill, the more money we can save you. If you’re interested in seeing how solar could work for you anyway, we would be very happy to give you a proposal!

Congratulations! You are a great candidate for solar. To get a personalized solar estimate, please fill out the form linked below. A solar consultant will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Steps to Your Energy Independence

When you decide to switch to solar, we take care of every step – including system design and engineering, leasing, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring of your system performance.

Multiple Ways to Save

With flexible options from Affordable Solar you can go solar at your home without breaking the bank.

Solar Service Agreements

Our Solar Service Agreements provide you with Tomorrow’s Electricity at Yesterday’s Prices. Benefits of the program include:

    • $0 Out of Pocket
    • Electric Bill Savings – Lock in a fixed energy payment for the next 25 Years
    • Free Installation – by our in-house, highly-trained installers
    • Performance Guarantee – if your system doesn’t produce what we say it will, we’ll pay you the difference.
    • Peace of Mind – We take care of the maintenance, repairs, monitoring and insurance.


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Incentives and Purchase Options

When purchasing a solar system outright (or through a loan-financed purchase), you can take advantage of numerous solar tax incentives. Our solar consultants will provide detailed information on the Federal incentive your system qualifies for when we provide an estimate.

Interested in financing? Through our partnerships with local lenders we can often offer 100% financing with highly competitive interest rates.

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Get a Free Estimate from Affordable Solar

To get an estimate for your next project, call (505) 944-4220 or contact us online.

Get a Free Estimate from Affordable Solar

To get an estimate for your next project, call (505) 944-4220 or contact us online.