Building a home of distinction involves transforming personal visions into reality. Twilight Homes can work for you beginning with your site selection, the design of your custom home, all the way to completion of your dream.

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Twilight Homes is a New Mexico based company that has built a solid reputation for quality, innovative design, customer satisfaction, and lasting value. Teaming up with some of the best in the business, from prominent architects to skilled craftsman, to the foremost landscape and interior designers, Twilight Homes transforms personal visions into custom homes of distinction. Families across New Mexico will “come home, tonight” to a spacious, comfortable Twilight home. 

Twilight Homes is constantly growing, adding new communities and home designs. Call or visit the community nearest you today for more on the latest plans and current pricing.

Green Homes Offer Year Round Savings And Greater Comfort

Twilight Homes Home 2Energy Efficiency 
A Twilight Homes Green Home is designed and constructed to maximize energy savings by reducing heating and cooling loss through a combination of design elements, building practices and appliances selection, thereby making the home more economical to operate.

Site and Water 
The Twilight Homes Green Program places a high priority on water conservation.

Solar Energy from Affordable Solar 
Twilight Homes Green Homes in selected communities also offers the ability to generate your own electricity with the included solar panel system.

Indoor Air Quality 
Indoor air quality is improved through a series of practices and features that circulate and replace indoor air without causing excessive loss of heating and cooling.

Material Selection Twilight Homes employs design and material selections that can result in conserving limited resources. Using recycled content products reduces the use of “virgin” materials. Using current waste minimizing practices can also contribute to the overall efficiency of the project. Using locally manufactured products also reduces the energy used to get them to the job site.