Federal tax credits for 30% of total system cost is available to customers who purchase their system with cash or loan financed purchase.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal investment tax credit (ITC), is a tax credit that can be claimed on federal income taxes for 30% of the cost of an owned solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed through 2019. There is no maximum amount that can be claimed for your solar PV system installation. Get 30% back from the federal government in the form of a federal income tax credit. This is a dollar for dollar tax credit; not a deduction.

Financing Available

Financing options include a 15 year, 4.79% fixed rate loan with U.S. Eagle Credit Union. Many customers that finance their PV system use their federal investment tax credit to pay down the balance of their loan to reduce monthly payments and total payback period.

Rising Rates

Utility rates increase an average of 3-5% per year. Solar installation will lock your energy rate for the next 25 years, effectively insulating you from the rising cost of future rate increases.

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