Justin Dewey

Solar Consultant

Justin Dewey image

A dedicated solar professional for 2 years, Justin enjoys the benefits of solar electricity at his home, which was purchased with Affordable Solar’s Sun Saver program.  “I am loving the fact that I’ve locked in a lower electric rate for 25 years!” is often heard from Justin when discussing the benefits of solar to his customers. In addition to loving his low energy rates, Justin also loves his 2 dogs & 2 cats and his favorite sports are college basketball & soccer. A huge Lobo basketball fan, Justin had our home team winning the entire NCAA tournament. We teased him a little bit for this pick, which as we all know didn’t take him very far in the tournament pool. One thing that we did not know about Justin until recently is that while in kindergarten, he won a trip to Washington D.C. for a national paper making art contest. He didn’t even know the teachers submitted the piece until he was told he won in front of the entire school. Too cute!