Ryan Centerwall


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Ryan Centerwall has been a passionate believer in the viability of solar for years. Ryan studied Biochemistry at the University of California Santa Barbara, although his pursuits in more recent years have been devoted to business. During his years in the mortgage finance industry, Ryan learned skills he would later deploy in making residential and commercial solar possible for increasing numbers of property owners. Ryan has been with Affordable Solar since 2008 when he was recruited by the company to launch an installation division to complement its already successful distribution business. Ryan successfully took the installation company from non-existent to dominant within the New Mexico market in a few short years. He supervised everything from a robust residential installation business to several notable commercial installations and even very large utility-scale installations.

In 2015, Affordable is slated to install PNM’s utility-scale solar projects. Where others might have been satisfied, Ryan instead chose to extend our business model to the Caribbean, with a successful launch of Solaris Energy in Puerto Rico (www.solarispr.com ). He now leads the installation businesses both here and abroad. Ryan is a solar-powered difference maker, and we are proud to call him “boss!”

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